SIT launched 2023 special campaign for secretaries and presidents to visit enterprises to promote employment

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In order to actively implement the spirit of the General Office of the Ministry of Education “Notice on Carrying out the Action of Promoting Employment of College Graduates in the Spring of 2023” and to promote the high quality and full employment of graduates, our university has fully launched the 2023 special campaign for secretaries and presidents to visit enterprises to promote employment. On March 8th, Qiao Dongxu, general manager of Johon Huayi (Shenyang) Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd and his delegation were invited by President Li Kangju to discuss cooperation. Leaders of relevant departments of the university and colleges attend the negotiation.

At the conference, Li Kangju introduced in detail the university’s major characteristics, achievements, and the basic situation of the class of 2023 graduates. He said, to open up employment channels and jobs widely, dig positions in Johon Huayi (Shenyang) Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd to absorb graduates for their stable employment; In-depth understanding of the company’s requirements on graduates’ knowledge, ability and quality will enhance the pertinence and adaptability of the university’s talent training. He hoped that both sides would take the opportunity of this negotiation and exchange to comprehensively deepen university-enterprise cooperation and supply and demand connection, broaden the scope and depth of cooperation, and establish a regular exchange and cooperation mechanism on the basis of the existing good cooperation, so as to provide the company with the outstanding talents needed and promote the graduates of our university to obtain more adequate and higher quality employment.

Qiao Dongxu introduced the development of the company and the demand for talents, and gave high recognition to the quality of talent training in our university. He hopes to further consolidate the foundation of cooperation with our university, strengthen the deep cooperation in personnel training, scientific and technological innovation, internship, and employment, further promote the integration of industry and education, and promote the common development of both sides.

Before the conference, Qiao Dongxu and his delegation visited our advanced manufacturing technology center and electrical training center. At the meeting, the two sides of the university and enterprise had extensive and in-depth exchanges on the supply and demand connection of 2023 graduates, graduation internship of 2024 graduates and in-depth cooperation between the university and enterprise.

Under the leadership of the Secretary of the Party Committee of the University and the president of the University, since the special campaign to visit enterprises to promote employment was carried out, the university has conducted negotiations with 219 employers. In the next step, members of the university’s leading group will continue to visit employers, carry out extensive surveys on social needs and graduates’ employment status through a combination of “going out and inviting in”, “field visits and online exchanges”, fully absorb the feedback of employers and graduates’ opinions and suggestions, and further deepen education and teaching reform and school-enterprise cooperation. Improve the degree of fit between talent training and social needs, and build a broader platform for graduates’ employment.

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