Deputy Director Zhao Jiapeng came to the Uni to inspect and guide the construction work of Safe Campus

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On February 28th, Zhao Jiapeng, deputy director of the Management Committee of Shenfu Reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone, came to our Uni to inspect and guide the beginning of the new semester and the work of campus safety and stability. President Li Kangju and Vice President Shi Wei met with Vice Director Zhao Jiapeng and his delegation.

After the field inspection of the clinic, dormitory, canteen and other places, Zhao Jiapeng pointed out that to thoroughly implement the important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, according to the provincial party committee and provincial government work deployment, the maintenance of campus security and stability as a major political task in a more prominent position. To tree prison red line consciousness, adhere to the bottom line of thinking, unified thought, strengthen leadership, strict organization, strict measures, with higher standards, more strict, more solid style, earnestly implement the provincial education system security and stability work conference and Shenfu Reform Innovation Demonstration Area Education System campus security special work conference spirit, solid implementation demonstration area in 2023 campus food safety special action mobilization meeting work deployment, pays special attention to the new stage of campus epidemic prevention and control and education teaching work, constantly promote safe campus construction, improve the parents of teachers and students and satisfaction.

Li Kangju thanked Shenfu Innovation Demonstration Area Management Committee for many years for the development of the construction of support, said to put the campus security and stability of the work as the current important task to grasp, tree prison "Hidden Danger is Accident" concept, save for a rainy day, development and security two responsibility shoulder, pick together two "Tasks" , to the overall development and security, through the school process, embodied in the school all aspects of the development of high quality. With the sense of responsibility of "always at warning", we should improve the ability of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the management of health stations, ensure the safe, orderly and standardized operation of health stations; strengthen mental health education, scientifically design and arrange physical education activities, do a solid job of campus safety, and ensure the health of teachers and students and the safety and stability of the campus.

The leaders of the social undertakings bureau, market supervision and administration bureau, public security bureau and comprehensive law enforcement brigade in the demonstration area went to the school to inspect and guide the related work.


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