A symposium on the growth of young and middle-aged teachers held by SIT

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On October 5, The university held a symposium on the theme of "Welcome the growth of Twenty Young and Middle-aged Teachers" in Conference Room 706 of the library.  The forum was attended by President Li Kangju, Director of the Center for Teaching Promotion and teacher Development Fu Junfan, heads of some functional departments, and representatives of school doctoral teachers in Russia and Ukraine , presiding over by Shao Yu, vice president.

At the forum, the representatives of doctoral teachers expressed their own views, fully recognized the development situation and talent policy of the school, and expressed heartfelt thanks for the care, support and encouragement of the school. Everyone exchanged speeches around their own work, scientific research direction and achievements, as well as their doctoral examination experience, learning experience, and paper writing experience, and put forward many valuable suggestions and opinions on the development of the school cause and the construction of scientific research team.
Shao Yu said that the school attaches great importance to doctoral teachers and hopes that everyone will give full play to their own advantages, enhance their sense of self-improvement and teamwork, strengthen their academic ties with the outside world, and constantly achieve new achievements. for the school to achieve high-quality development to provide a solid talent guarantee.

In his concluding speech, Li Kangju pointed out that the school has always attached great importance to the development of teachers and the building of a contingent of teachers. In recent years, the cooperation between the school and Russia, Belarus and other countries has been strengthened day by day, and the doctoral teachers in Russia and Ukraine are the bridges of cooperation and play an important role in the future development of the school. For teachers themselves, studying for a doctorate degree is also a good way to strengthen their self-cultivation, improve their own quality and broaden their career path. Li Kangju encouraged teachers who are studying for doctorates to strengthen their confidence, make great efforts, concentrate on their doctoral studies and improve their abilities. The school will further strengthen the sense of service and spare no effort to do a good job in service and security, so as to protect teachers' self-improvement. At the same time, He also hoped that everyone would have the courage to take responsibility, forge ahead, and contribute to the high-quality development of the school.


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