Shenyang Institute of Technology Promotes Cooperation with Belarusian State Technical University in-depth

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On April 28, President Li Kangju presided over a video conference on cooperation between Shenyang Institute of Technology and Belarusian State Technical University. During the conference, the both sides reviewed and summarized the cooperation achievements between the two universities, and discussed the joint construction of an industry-university-research innovation center. Rector of Belarusian State Technical University Hariton Chik Sergey Vasilievich, Belarusian Corresponding Academician, Director of the Mechanical Manufacturing Technology Teaching and Research Section of Belarusian State Technical University Sheleg. Valery. Professor Konstantinovich and others attended the meeting.

The Belarusian State Technical University was established in 1920 and ranks second among all universities in Belarus. It is the most prestigious university of science and technology in the country and has great influence in Europe and the world. Most of the members of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences come from the school. In 2021, Shenyang Institute of Technology and Belarusian State Technical University cooperated for the first time. On September 18 of that year, the "China-Belarus Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation 2+2" joint training project started.

President Vasilievich expressed his willingness to further expand the areas of cooperation with Shenyang Institute of Technology. Belarusian State Technical University will actively give full play to its advantages in mechanical processing, electronics, biomedicine, road engineering and other disciplines, continuously expand the scope of cooperation in material processing and other fields, strengthen the   cultural exchanges between two universities, and increase investment and technical support. The universities will work together to promote exchanges and cooperation to a new level.

At the meeting, the two sides discussed in depth the matters related to the joint establishment of the "China-Belarus Machinery project. Academician Konstantinovich introduced the needs, technical standards, personnel training, service orientation and other aspects of the cooperation in detail. Professor Zhao Yuan, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Shenyang Institute of Technology, expounded the progress and prospects of the existing professional construction.

Nikolai Ichik, Vice-Rector of Belarusian State Technical University. Yuri. Alexievich and experts in related disciplines, Vice Presidents of Shenyang Institute of Technology Li Wenguo, Professor Zhou Yuebo, Professor Pu Xiongying, Dean of the School of International Education Xu Ying, Vice Dean Cai Yonghong, Director of the Russian-Ukrainian-Belarus Cooperation and Exchange Center Wang Lijun and related Professional teachers attend the meeting.


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