Good News! Professor Wang Lina Won the First Prize of “Liaoning Province's First Regular College Teacher Teaching Competition”

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From May 10th to 11th, the first Liaoning Province's First Regular College Teacher Teaching Competition hosted by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Education was held at Shenyang Normal University. Wang Lina, director of the Marketing Department of the School of Economics and Management of our university, won the first prize in the Liberal Arts Category of the competition. The competition is divided into three parts: preliminary, semi-finals and finals. The preliminary contest was organized by each university itself. More than 5,000 teachers from 60 universities including Dalian University of Technology, Northeastern University, Liaoning University participated in the preliminary contest. 50 contestants from more than 30 colleges and universities entered the finals (25 in liberal arts and 25 in sciences), and the finals were conducted by on-site lectures. Teaching Management Department, Supervision and Audit Department of our university and School of Economics and Management have attached great importance to the competition and provided strong support and important guarantees during the preparation and finals of the contestants. The teacher was also evaluated in accordance with the competition rules and judging standards of comprehensive training and careful guidance. In the end, Ms. Wang Lina stood out among many contestants by virtue of student-centered educational philosophy, solid teaching skills, innovative teaching design, forward-looking teaching content, modern teaching methods, and excellent classroom interaction skills, and successfully advanced to the arts and sciences Top 5, and won the first prize of the final liberal arts group. Among the Top 50 colleges and universities, our university is one of only two private colleges and universities.


The holding of Liaoning Province's First Regular College Teacher Teaching Competition is an important measure to implement the deepening of undergraduate teaching reform in regular colleges and universities across the province and solidly promote the development of higher education connotation. Ms. Wang Lina’s excellent results fully demonstrate the university’s good results in basic science teaching and the implementation of teacher’s teaching ability improvement projects over the years. It will further strengthen the leading and exemplary role of our university’s leading teachers and inspire teachers to actively participate in teaching reform and improve teaching. The enthusiasm and determination of competence will make unremitting efforts to promote the quality of talent training in our university to a higher level.


(Text/Picture by School of Economics and Management Audited by Zhang Guilin)

Translated by Basic Courses Department

The Awards Scene

Wang Lina won the first prize in the liberal arts group of the First Regular College Teacher Teaching Competition in Liaoning Province.

Competition: on-site lectures

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