Our School Accepts the Qualification Assessment of Undergraduate Teaching work by the Ministry of Education

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From April 26th to 29th, our school accepted the qualification assessment of undergraduate teaching work organized by the Higher Education Teaching Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education .The evaluation expert group -including 8 group members, led by Professor Liu Huadong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of China University of Petroleum (East China), carried out a 4 - day investigation and evaluation of our school.

The members of the expert group are: Professor Ding Zhongming, Party Secretary and President of Anhui University of Finance and Economics, Professor Fang Hailin, President of Yancheng Institute of Technology, Professor Zhu Wenzhang, President of Xiamen Institute of Technology, Professor Wang Shuli, President of Wuhan Donghu University, Professor Li Hui, Director of Institute of Higher Education of Northwest Polytechnic University, Director of Teaching Research and Teacher Development Center, Professor Gao Bo, former Dean of Civil Engineering College of Southwest Jiaotong University, Project Manager, and Luo Shan, teacher of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

On the morning of April 26th, Professor Liu Huadong hosted a meeting of qualified assessment experts at our library 706 conference room. Li Zhi, deputy director of the higher education teaching evaluation center of the Ministry of Education, Yang Weiqun, deputy inspector of the provincial education department, Song Shengyong, deputy director of the provincial education department and deputy director of the provincial education supervision office, attended the meeting.

Li Zhi made three comments on carrying out the relevant inspection work. First, the overall grasp of qualified evaluation station and positioning. Conformity assessment has played a great role in promoting new undergraduate colleges and universities, making clear the orientation of running schools, increasing teaching investment, improving teaching conditions and establishing quality consciousness. The purpose of conformity assessment is to promote construction by evaluation, reform by evaluation and management by evaluation. The purpose of qualification evaluation is to be responsible to the state and serve the development of schools; third, the whole process should grasp the norms and requirements of qualification evaluation. It is hoped that the expert group will carry out all kinds of evaluation and inspection work strictly according to the qualification evaluation index system and work requirements, conduct joint consultation on the undergraduate teaching work of the school from the perspective of three-dimensional and multidimensional evaluation, comprehensively investigate the relevant situation of the school teaching, make suggestions, make real suggestions, and be a good doctor and coach.

Liu Huadong explained investigation work on the qualified evaluation site, and stressed that the evaluation according to the “ twenty word policy”, a comprehensive and detailed site investigation of the school undergraduate teaching work-comprehensive investigation, independent judgment, objective evaluation, honest communication, find problems, pulse diagnosis, evaluation, striving to make objective, fair and realistic evaluation undergraduate teaching work of Shenyang institute of science and technology, so as to further promote the development of the school .

Wang Zhaobao, chairman of the board of directors of the school, the leading group and all the teachers and students warmly welcomed the leaders and experts, and expressed their sincere thanks to the higher Education Teaching Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education and the experts for their concern and help in the development of the school. He said that the school will follow the evaluation requirements, fully cooperate with the expert group to carry out evaluation visits and other work.

Li Kangju, the president of Shenyang Institute of Technology, made a supplementary report on the evaluation of undergraduate teaching qualification, and made a supplementary report on the undergraduate teaching work from three aspects: the brief introduction of the school, the changes and results brought about by the evaluation work, the analysis of the state data and the supplementary explanation of the report.

After the meeting, the expert group conducted a collective inspection of our school’s intelligent manufacturing training center, robot training center, automobile training center, innovation and entrepreneurship college, Huazhong CNC college.

During the evaluation, all members of the evaluation expert group with a highly responsible attitude to higher education, “control the school quality for the country, serve the school”, according to the Ministry of Education undergraduate teaching evaluation work requirements, procedures, methods and norms, and through party and government leaders and middle - level cadres, visiting functional departments and teaching units, teachers, classes, study laboratory, review papers and thesis (design), symposium, visit practice base, consult the relevant support materials .The interview had a wide range of areas , wide class coverage, in - depth investigation problems, and comprehensive access to materials .

On April 29 th , the inspection opinion feedback meeting was held at the 205 lecture hall of our school library. Provincial Department of Education, vice governor of the school, deputy director of the provincial government education supervision office Song Shengyong attended the meeting. At the meeting , in accordance with the qualification evaluation requirements of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education, the expert group members made feedback speeches respectively, and evaluated the teaching work of our school from different angles and different levels. During the feedback, the expert group fully affirmed the top - level design of the school running, teachers, school conditions, teaching quality management and monitoring, and talent training quality. Expert group agreed that the school founder Wang Zhaobao chairman has strong national feelings, education complex, adhere to education, love, cherish school, the training of talents useful to the society as the unremitting pursuit and goal, respect the rules, support management team, love treat teachers and students, constantly promote the construction and development of the school.The school leadership system is sound, the management system is perfect, the party and government groups are united and pragmatic, diligent and enterprising, and it has formed a relatively perfect pragmatic and efficient decision - making operation supervision and management system.The school attaches great importance to Party building and ideological and political work , has built a “ three complete” ideological and political education system of all staff, all - round and whole process, and implemented the five education at the same time.The school pays attention to the cultivation of fine campus culture products and brand creation.The school has an accurate positioning, clear goals, significantly improved conditions, infrastructure and living security, standard conditions, complete facilities, standardized teaching management and guaranteed teaching quality. It attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship education and has achieved remarkable results, and the characteristics of school-enterprise collaborative education have been highlighted. At the same time, all the experts also clearly pointed out the problems existing in the undergraduate teaching work of our school, and put forward targeted rectification opinions and suggestions .

At the meeting, Li Kangju made a statement on behalf of the school. On behalf of all the teachers and students of the school, he paid high tribute and thanks to the experts for their painstaking, responsible and meticulous work. He said that the experts used their rich experience to impart new ideas, good practices and good experience to the school. The opinions of the expert group have important guiding significance for our school to further deepen the undergraduate teaching reform, improve the quality of talent training, and improve the level of running a school. It is an important basis for the school to plan a new round of development. Schools must attach great importance to and conscientiously understand the feedback from experts, formulate rectification measures one by one in response to the problems and shortcomings pointed out by experts, make every effort to implement rectification and reform work, give play to the long-term role of evaluation, further consolidate the position of teaching center, vigorously strengthen connotation construction, further improve the level of running schools, and steadily promote transformation and development. Taking this qualification assessment work as a new starting point, all the teaching staff continue to deeply understand and implement the policy of “promoting construction by evaluation, promoting reform by evaluation, promoting management by evaluation, combining evaluation with construction, and focusing on construction”, and carry out the concept of student center, output orientation and continuous improvement in practical work.

In his speech, Song Shengyong fully affirmed the achievements of our undergraduate teaching work, and thanked the expert group for their care and support to Shenyang Institute of Technology and Liaoning higher education. Song Shengyong pointed out that this qualified evaluation not only has important guiding significance for the improvement of the future teaching work of Shenyang Institute of Technology, the improvement of talent training quality and the transformation and development of the school, but also has a positive reference significance for the reform and development of higher education in the province. He hoped that the school would thoroughly study and implement the important speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Tsinghua University on April 19th this year, formulate the rectification plan according to the requirements of the expert group, further improve the quality of talent training, and mobilize the faculty and staff to analyze the situation, enhance the sense of urgency, crisis and responsibility of serving economic and social development, and make more progresses on the school’s work, especially the undergraduate teaching work.

(Report writer / Zhang Qian  Photographer/ Guan Tian Qi Li Ruo qi  Audit / Wang Shuai )

Translated by Basic Courses Department

Feedback meeting.

Expert group leader Professor Liu Huadong’s feedback.

President Li Kang ju made a statement and speech.


Song Shengyong, deputy governor of the provincial education department and deputy director of the education supervision office of the provincial government made a statement and speech


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