Good News ! Another Major of Shenyang Institute of Technology was Selected as the National First-class Undergraduate Major

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Recently, the general office of the Ministry of Education announced the list of "Double Ten Thousand Plans" for the construction of national and provincial-level undergraduate major in 2020. The Computer Science and Technology major of our university was selected as the National first-class undergraduate specialty construction site in 2020. So far, 2 national first-class specialty construction sites and 8 provincial first-class demonstration specialties have been approved.

     After years of construction, the Computer Science and Technology major of our university has formed the professional characteristics of "deepening cooperation between schools and enterprises, precision of professional direction and integration of curriculum system". With the help of high-quality resources of enterprises, we have cooperated with enterprises in depth, and established a School-Enterprise Joint Teaching Steering Committee for Computer Major. The enterprises participate in the formulation of talent training plan, implementation of teaching process and students’ internship and employment. At the same time, we accurately positioned Java and big data as the professional direction, implemented the project teaching reform at the professional level, combined with the actual workflow and real projects of enterprises, and formed a curriculum system integrating professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education.

      After years of construction, the Computer Science and Technology major of our university ranked the first in the comprehensive evaluation of colleges and universities in Liaoning Province in 2012. In 2015, the Professional Practice Base was approved as the practice education base for college students in Liaoning Province. In 2017, the major was listed as a provincial innovation and entrepreneurship education comprehensive reform pilot major. The teachers of this major have won the first, second and third prizes of teaching achievements in Liaoning Province. In recent three years, more than 100 awards have been awarded in the teacher-student innovation competition.

     This time, the Computer Science and Technology major was approved as a national first-class undergraduate major, which is another important achievement made by the University in continuously paying close attention to the quality of education and teaching and continuously strengthening the connotation construction of the major. According to the construction standard of the first-class undergraduate major at the national level, the university will take this opportunity to strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen the professional characteristics, constantly stimulate the vitality of the specialty, give full play to the leading role of the national first-class undergraduate specialty, and further promote the overall improvement of the undergraduate specialty construction level of the whole university.

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