Construction and Trial Operation of Lei Feng Spirit Education Base in Shenyang Institute of Technology

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On March 3, 2021, the Lei Feng Spirit Education Base of Shenyang Institute of Technology (Liaoning Patriotic Education Demonstration Base, hereinafter referred to as "the Base") began trial operation and opened to the outside world. At 9 a.m., the "Base" received the first batch of visiting teams, and more than 30 party members from the units directly under the Liaoning Branch of China Grain Storage Group held a party day activity in the "Base" with the theme of "Following Lei Feng's footprints and paying homage to the centenary of the founding of the Party".

In the "Base" exhibition hall, the guide explained Lei Feng's life, General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and instructions to Lei Feng Spirit, the specific measures taken by Shenyang Institute of Technology to carry forward Lei Feng Spirit, and the deeds of more than 30 advanced models. All the party members were deeply affected by Lei Feng's spirit of loving the party and patriotism, serving the people, being willing to contribute, and constantly striving for self-improvement. They were moved by our teachers and students' learning of Lei Feng's advanced deeds, and fully affirmed our school's educational philosophy of fostering character and civic virtue with Lei Feng Spirit.

In recent days, the Base has also received more than 80 teachers and students of Lei Feng Squadron in the Elementary School Department  and more than 90 teachers and students in the Junior High School Department of Northeast Yucai Experimental School. Teachers and students watched the exhibition carefully and made notes from time to time. The guide narrated one touching story after another with pictures and pictures. Then, the visiting team came to Leifeng Square of our school, took a group photo in front of the statue of Leifeng, and accepted the baptism of soul again. After the visit, teachers and students expressed that it was of great significance to have a lively patriotic education class in the "Base", and they also felt the greatness of Lei Feng Spirit. They also wanted to carry forward Lei Feng Spirit in their future study and life, and practice the core socialist values.

In 2020, our school completed the Lei Feng Spirit Education Base of Shenyang Institute of technology, and jointly built the "Shenyang Institute of Technology Exhibition Hall of Leifeng Memorial Hall in Fushun City" with Leifeng Memorial Hall of Fushun City. Together with Lei Feng Square, Xuefeng Square and so on, it has formed a distinctive theme, rich in content and unique publicity to promote the spirit of Lei Feng Education Base.

In December, 2020, the "Base" was named as the Patriotic Education Demonstration Base of Liaoning Province by the Propaganda Department of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee. Taking this opportunity, our school will constantly improve the base construction, enrich the contents of the exhibition hall, fully tap the spiritual connotation of Lei Feng in the new era, and carry out extensive propaganda and promotion of Lei Feng spirit education practice activities for teachers and students at all walks of life of the school, and make contributions to vigorously promoting Lei Feng Spirit.



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