Shenyang Institute of Technology and the People’s Friendship University of Russia Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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On November 25th, the online signing ceremony was held between SIT and The Russian People's Friendship University. Participants included Li Kangju, the president of SIT, Li Wenguo, the vice president, Larissa Ivanovna Yefremova, the vice president of the People’s Friendship University of Russia, and Kabrieli Alekseyevna Maslyak, director of the Inter-School Cooperation Division of the Ministry of Science and Education. The ceremony was presided over by Xu Ying, Dean of the School of International Education.

At the ceremony, Li Kangju introduced school philosophy, education model, school scale, advantageous disciplines of SIT, and its cooperation with Russian universities. Li Kangju pointed out that the cooperation with the Russian People's Friendship University is an important milestone in the cooperation and exchanges between Shenyang Institute of Technology and Russia, which provides a high-quality platform for the international exchanges between teachers and students of SIT. He hoped that the two universities will take the signing of the cooperation agreement as an opportunity to carry out more extensive exchanges and cooperation in the fields of teacher training, teacher-student exchanges, scientific research cooperation. After the epidemic, leaders of RPFU are sincerely invited to visit our school in order to further strengthen the friendship between the two schools and the cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Larissa Ivanovna Yefremova introduced the basic situation of the Russian People’s Friendship University and expressed full confidence in the future cooperation between the two universities. She pointed out that Chinese universities are important strategic partners of Russia, and the cooperation between the two sides is broad. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement has laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two parties. She believed that through the joint efforts of SIT and RPFU, fruitful cooperation results will be achieved. Larissa Ivanovna Yefremova accepted Li Kangju’s invitation and looked forward to her early departure to visit Shenyang Institute of Technology.

It is reported that the People's Friendship University of Russia was founded in 1960, which is one of the well-known comprehensive universities in Russia and also known as "the cradle of world statesmen." Since its establishment, the school has trained more than 300 presidents, prime ministers and ministers for Asian, African and Latin American countries, and it is a well-known institution that focuses on international relations and world culture. In the 60 years since the school was founded, it has been widely recognized by countries all over the world and won high prestige. As a well-known international education and science center, the school is comprehensively ranked third in the latest university rankings of the Russian Ministry of Education and second in the level of teachers.

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Live video conference

President Li Kangju and Vice President of Russian People’s Friendship University Larissa Ivanovna Yefremova exchange cooperation matters

Vice President of the People’s Friendship University of Russia Larissa Ivanovna Yefremova signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the People's Friendship University of Russia

SIT and PFUR took a group photo via video

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