Cultivating Application-oriented Talent Training, Conceiving A New Chapter in the Development of the University ---SYIT shortlisted Wu Shulian 2020 China’s First-Class China National University Rankings

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On August 24th, the China Institute of Management Science’s China University Evaluation released Wu Shulian’s 2020 China National University Rankings, and selected 16 of China’s first-class private universities, in which SYIT was successfully shortlisted.

Wu Shulian 2020 China’s First-Class China National University Rankings

Wu Shulian 2020 China’s first-class private university standard is that in the evaluation of China’s private universities, the top 10% of schools in the order of choice. The order of university choice is judged by the weighted ranking of the three indicators of graduate quality, teacher innovation ability and teacher performance, representing the highest level of comprehensive index of Chinese-run universities.

At the same time Wu Shulian 2020 China National University Rankings was also released, which is the list of comprehensive strength ranking, subject category ranking as the main line, and the candidate selection order, graduate quality, graduate promotion rate, freshman quality, teacher innovation ability, teacher performance ranking as supplements. A comprehensive introduction to China’s 157 private universities was introduced comprehensively The basic situation of SYIT ranked in the top 20% of the list, compared to 25% in last year’s 121 private universities evaluation. In recent years, our university has always taken the education of students as the first priority, and strives to teacher excellence, facilities excellence, service excellence as a guarantee, the pursuit of student excellence, to help students grow into success, the development of the cause of rapid progress. In June this year, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the first batch of new engineering research and practice projects, among the first batch of 612 projects in 2018, 589 projects passed the acceptance, of which 96 projects acceptance results are excellent.

With Shenyang Institute of Technology, “Based on the i5 intelligent manufacturing college of new engineering multi-coordinated education model reform and practice” project was rated excellent, our university is the only one of the country’s outstanding private colleges and universities. In July, our university invested more than 20 million yuan to purchase 22 “Intelligent High-Speed Five-Axis” equipment and its supporting devices, with Wuhan Hua zhong CNC Co., Ltd. co-founded a second-level college, committed to jointly promote the “Intelligent High-Speed Five-Axis” deep integration of key technology talent chain, innovation chain and industrial chain, to create CNC technology personnel training highland. According to the “Made in China 2025” strategy, SYIT has been training more high-quality application-oriented talents for national enterprises, to promote China’s manufacturing industry.

Entering a new era, in the face of the new development situation, towards the best applied technology university development goals SYIT has accelerated the development of connotation, transformation and development, innovation and development, characteristic development, and constantly improve the quality of applied personnel training, to conceive a new chapter in the reform and development!

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