The foundation of the construction project of the SIT living area

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On May 16, we held the foundation for the construction of the living area project. Shen Fu administration committee vice secretary Sun Yaxin, deputy director of the new city administration committee Zhao Qibin, Shenyang Hengxing construction engineering co., LTD Manager Li Yang and more than 1600 teachers and students participated in the ceremony.

On the ceremony, Zhao Qibin delivered a warm speech, he said, Shenyang Institute of Technology living area project is an important project of 2017 Shen Fu new town construction. The construction of the living area of Shenyang Institute of Technology is a project to expand the scale of the school and improve the condition and quality of the school. After the arrival of Shenyang Institute of Technology in the new city of Shen Fu, the development of the city has been growing, the influence has been expanded, and the work of the school has been constantly on the new step. School living area project construction will provide the guarantee for the development of Shenyang Institute of Technology and expand the scale, will also provide Liaoshen regional with economic sustainable development to strong intellectual support.

At the foundation ceremony, President Li spoke earnestly for three thanks and three hopes. Thanks to Mr. Wang Zhaobao, an investor who is a true entrepreneur who has invested so much, he has given a great deal of confidence to the faculty. Thank you for the strong support of the leadership of the new town. Thank students for your patience and wait for years. He also wants the developer of the project and construction supervision to be in line with the spirit of "one hundred years’ plans, quality first", build a high-quality living areas; Hope the masses of staff to work hard in much better Shenyang Institute of Technology, to teach more and better talents for our country, for building the best application technology university; President Li hopes that the students will have a sense of ownership and give the school more understanding and support. He promised that the class of 2015 will be moved into new dormitories before heating this year, with the cost of the dormitory unchanged.

The foundation of the living area project is exciting for the students. College of economics and management level 15 international economic and trade major Liu Xingyu said, exciting digital factory, car training center, international exchange center and other construction projects are started in succession in our campus. The renovation of the dormitory building in the east side and the stadium are full of concern for our classmates. The school keeps improving our study and living conditions, which motivates us to devote a hundredfold of our enthusiasm to our study and return to our school with honors. I believe that this is the common voice of all our students.

It is reported that the total infrastructure investment in SIT this year is nearly 200 million yuan, including four large projects and 19 monomer buildings with a total floor area of 120,499.57 square meters. On May 16, construction of living area engineering project including 9 dormitories, 1 training center and 1 student canteen, building area of more than 60,000 square meters, with a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan, to be completed before the end of October. New living areas will greatly improve students' learning and living conditions.

Zhao Qibin gives a warm speech

President Li “Three thanks and three hopes”speech

The leading guests cut the ribbon for the ceremony

The leading guests cultivated the ground for the ground-breaking ceremony

The students took part in the ceremony

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