SIT holds the graduation ceremony of the Grade 2017 and the awarding ceremony of the degree

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On the morning of July 1, the graduation ceremony and the awarding ceremony of the 2017 graduates of our school were solemnly held in the new gymnasium of the school. Wang Zhaobao, chairman of our school, Li kangju, Yang Lin, Shao yu, Li wenguo, Shi wei, Liu Aiqiu, teacher representatives, parents of graduates, and grade of 2017 attended the ceremony. The graduation ceremony was presided over by the student affair department, Zhou Yongchang.

The President, Li Kangju, gave a speech topic of "pursuing excellence and mutual support". President li expressed cordial greetings and sincere greetings to all the parents, teachers and graduates of all graduates. He hopes all the graduates will be able to:

Firstly, be innovative and adherence are mutually reinforcing. As a college graduate, there is a good time to be enthusiastic and energetic and catch up with the development of national innovation-driven development. The career needs you to explore, the society needs you to improve. Innovation and entrepreneurship are indispensable, but there are no rules and regulations. Therefore, it is important to remember that innovation is the goal of the rules and regulations are the guarantee of innovation. Understand the status quo and talk about innovation. When you don't have the ability to achieve it, discipline is the way to go.

Secondly, keep in mind our motto: to pursue excellence and mutual altruism. The pursuit of excellence is striving to be the best. The best thing is that there is no substitute, the second is the substitute, there is the possibility that it is optional, and the backward will be beaten, and will be uncomfortable. The pursuit of excellence begins with choosing the right direction, and choosing the direction you are good at and liking is the prerequisite for excellence. After choosing the right direction, you will need to make unremitting efforts to make it possible to be the best. Shenyang institute of technology is the best application technology university. I hope you will be the best entrepreneur, engineer, and even the best operator. It's best to be successful! Altruism is the cornerstone of success. The common denominator of BAT's success is the quality of service first offered to the public, rather than making money first. This is also the core idea of Internet thinking: altruism. How many people you can serve, how big your career is, and how big it is to serve all China. Those who benefit others can go further.

"The phoenix flower opens, the difficult to leave, the permanent work, the eternal home", the Shenyang Institute of Technology graduates of the Grade 2017 graduation ceremony ends in all cheers. The students will take their teachers' hopes, and move towards the other stage of life.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

CEO Mr. Wang Zhaobao awarding students

Outstanding graduate Bo Shiyu giving a speech


President Li gaving a speech

Graduation Ceremony

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