Shenyang aerospace university President sun xiaoping and his delegation visited SIT to investigate the double-innovation work

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On March 13, Shenyang Aerospace University President Sun xiaoping and vice President Lin feng and 5 people visited our school to conduct investigation and exchange on "strengthening cooperation between the two universities" and "building the school of innovation and entrepreneurship". Li kangju, President of our school, Chen gang, secretary of the party committee and Shao yu, vice President of our school attended the symposium and accompanied the visitors.

Li kangju extended a warm welcome to the visiting guests on behalf of the school. He pointed out that this visit is a very valuable exchange opportunity between the two schools. Li Kangju introduced the development history of our school, discipline construction, cooperation between colleges and employment and etc. Then a detailed introduction of our school, and expounds the construction of an applied university orientation in our school, and teaching through break the barriers between classroom and laboratory, effectively improve the teaching quality and teaching effect, some measures to promote the development of our school's transformation.

Sun xiaoping briefly reviewed the cooperation with liaoning university of petroleum and chemical technology during his tenure as President of liaoning university of petroleum and chemical technology, and gave full recognition to our school. He highly praised our school for its excellent achievements in the work of innovation and innovation in recent years, and ranked among the top of provincial universities in national and provincial competitions. He said that the purpose of his visit is to learn and exchange working methods, especially to learn from our precious experience in the field of innovation and innovation. Subsequently, the two universities have preliminarily discussed and reached cooperation intention on issues related to the implementation of credit mutual recognition of some undergraduate courses, teacher resource sharing and cooperation in educational reform projects and scientific research projects.

Sun xiaoping visited innovation entrepreneurship institute, intelligent manufacturing training center, auto service training center and the school of information and control laboratory, he fully affirmed the our school grades and distinctive characteristics, and said in the future will further strengthen communication with our school in teaching, improve together as well as make progress together.

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