SIT and Shenyang Aerospace University held education collaboration signing ceremony

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On June 1st, SIT Principal Li Kangju, Vice President Shao Yu and top leaders in Shenyang Aerospace University attended education collaboration signing ceremony. The two sides agree that SIT students may study in SAU cross-school get the credit.

At the signing ceremony, President Sun Xiaoping from SAU introduced the basic information of SAU. He fully affirmed the significance of signing the credit agreement on crossschool study for education cooperation between the two universities, and expressed the expectation that the two universities will continue to conduct more in-depth exchanges and cooperation.

Professor Li Kangju said that SAU is a university good at teaching. The crossschool study initiatives is to strengthen the construction of style of studying in our school, to promote quality education resource sharing, to broaden students' horizons, to improve the quality of talent training, as well as to realize the win-win cooperation between the two schools.

Ling Feng said that the classroom teaching and experimental training conditions giving the absolute impression. He would make sure to keep the exchange student management work well. Then, the heads of the functional departments of the two schools worked together on the specific issues of the first batch of students' cross-school study.

The major of finance, international economy and trade, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, material forming and control engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial design, vehicle engineering, welding technology and engineering, electronic information engineering, communication engineering, computer science and technology, software engineering, internet of things engineering, transportation, environmental engineering, safety engineering, marketing, human resource management, logistics management, industrial engineering, performance, animation, visual communication design, environmental design, product design and other majors can be chosen by students as the second and third grade students for crossschool under credit alternative majors. Students who choose to study in SAU and astronautics can be replaced by credits.

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