Various media interview SIT on the infrastructure construction situation

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On March 30th, various media including the Liaoning Daily, Fushun Daily, Fushun Evening, Fushun Radio, visit our institute, having an interview with the President Li Kangju on the construction of infrastructure projects this year, and to know the situation of the construction site as well as filming construction scenes.

On the same day, President Li introduced in detail about our infrastructure projects. We plan to build Administrative buildings for our new teaching and students' living rooms, a total of 22 monomer building, covering total construction area of 120499.57 square meters, including modern international students’ dormitories, digital factory, car service training center, a modern greenhouse, robotics institute, international exchange center, training building, information building, and etc. These projects will be completed by the end of the year. The hardware facilities construction will greatly improve the institute’s managerial ability and educational level.

PresidentLi Kangju in the interview in front of the car training center

PresidentLi Kangju introduces the construction of infrastructure projects

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